So, the plan for this blog. It started out as an opinion dump for yours truly, it’ll end that way, come heaven or hell. But opinion writing isn’t all that I want to do, even if somebody were to pay me lucrative fees to do it. I’ve a book I’m still slowly working on (more on that later), and various tidbits and thoughts that demand to be, well, screamed out.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a mild politics nut. Even if I voted the guy in, there’s no way I’m not casting a critical eye at the Obama administration. The only good government is a carefully deconstructed one.

But enough rambling. On with the plan! Until this blog is a month old and filled with content, the schedule will be as follows:

Monday, Wednesday: Opinion Piece
Tuesday: Geekscream (I basically take what I’m currently obsessing over, be it an anime episode or whatnot, and go full-bore geek over it.)
Thursday: Techscream (I’m not only a geek, I’m a techgeek. Techscream may cover something that caught my eye, or it may be a third opinion piece specifically about technology and tech-related social developments. Did I mention I’m a transhumanist?)
Friday: Book Update

I need the weekends off. I’m writing for two papers right now, and this blog as well, and even if the joy of writing and getting published has yet to fade, I really, really don’t like burning out.

After this blog’s a month old… the schedule stays mainly the same, actually, but I’m thinking about adding a second entry into the Tuesday and Thursday rotation. Product reviews. /Sponsored/ product reviews, thanks to PayPerPost, whose owner is apparently following my twitter. It seems legitimate enough, and their ethical guidelines are tight enough to my liking.

I’m /sure/ I’ve mentioned it before- I’m broke. And as much as I like the /idea/ of an economics of abundance, it simply doesn’t exist yet, and a young writer has needs. Needs like food. …and beer.

Schedule starts tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow for a nice, loud Thoughtscream.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on January 28, 2009.

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