Swearing Off Sodas

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Om nom nom

You know, I’ve often complained to friends about how inferior American sodas are to, well, just about everybody else’s. Even if China has a recent history of fucking up their commercial products, even if you have to be insane to drink the water in Mexico, both countries have one common advantage over us:

They use real goddamn cane sugar for their sodas. We use fructose syrup – and it tastes noticably inferior.

Well, now I have a reason to swear off the shit entirely. Turns out, the Corn Lobby’s managed to muzzle the FDA for over three years about this: there’s a good damn chance that your candies and sodas have been contaminated with mercury.

Well, fuck that shit. I’m making my own sugary drinks. Got a recipe for ginger ale off a friend of mine, and I’ve a ton of mint to experiment with in the backyard. And fuck the FDA too, for keeping this under wraps. Yet another strike amongst many against Big Agriculture.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “Swearing Off Sodas”

  1. Trying to avoid fructose syrup in your diet is like committing to vegetarianism – sure, you’ll be eating healthier, but it’ll be a) more expensive and b) most likely less tasty.

    I remember back in high school, when the cafeteria switched to trans-fat free oil for cooking fries. They tasted worse and were 25 cents more expensive. Hardly ate fries there after that :P

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