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Should’ve put this up at the very start of this blog, actually. But why not make it official?

Thoughtscream is held under a Creative Commons attribution-sharealike license. Which means you can take my idea and mix and scramble them as you will, so long as you A. inform me, and B. allow others to do so.

I’ll be really irate if you steal my book idea wholesale… but that just means I have to write better than you, eh?

As to why I’m establishing this blog under the Creative Common noncommercial use license, let’s put it this way: Doctorow has a point. Copyright protection lets people get rich doing the art they’re good at, but it also allows people to get rich doing shit they simply suck at, but still have redeeming points to that somebody of superior skill can distill and refine.

If we lock up the brilliant diamonds of the world’s minds behind legal barricades, for the sole sake of generated wealth, we impoverish all of us. Ideas aren’t gold or diamonds- they only disappear if trapped within your mind from birth ’til death. Share them with others, and instead of losing our wealth of knowledge, our shared experiences and thoughts will cross-pollinate, mutate, and – most importantly – propagate swiftly.

There is no inflationary pressure to a good idea – simply put, the more we have, the wealthier we all are. Period.

And that’s why I don’t mind at all that you might learn something from my blog, or even find an interesting idea to work your own miracles off from. Go ahead. We’ll both be better off for it.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on February 1, 2009.

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