Techscream: Backyard Reactors

photo by treehugger

pic by treehugger

Going off on Monday’s Thoughtscream: Hyperion Power Generation’s portable nuclear reactor. Ready for commercial purchase in 2013!

I’m not making this up. Somebody’s realized that the predominant attitude towards nuclear power is gradually shifting again, and has decided to catch the wave first.

The “backyard” reactor’s using fairly old, tested tech. This is apparently a similar design to the ones used in Alamo’s labs, and similarly shielded too, to prevent civilian abuse and mischief. There’s hints from the company – the details kept secret for security reasons – that they’re not simply dumping the waste after it’s gone through its 10-year cycle either. Sounds to me as if they’re planning a reprocessing method.

Most importantly, though, is the consequences it may have on our future infrastructure. Attaching this to your local power grid means a fully modular infrastructure. If a disaster or blackout happens somewhere, it’s just a matter of snagging extra power from other nearby reactors. And if the waste material is getting recycled, a central reprocessing plant can beefen up the energy infrastructure even more by using the reprocessed material for yet further energy production. Then you add solar power, wind power, geothermal, utilize the existing dams, bacterial energy, hydrogen fuel…

Radiation green has never been as fashionable. I do rather like it.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on February 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Techscream: Backyard Reactors”

  1. And if they have the same engineering as the big plants, they’ll be easier to plant, cover, and utilize as a distributed network in case we have failures at the big plants or, say, ice storms knock down major lines leading from the big plants. I like it. You’ll still have to get it past the NIMBY crowd, but these can (probably) be buried so that they don’t remind people that they have zomg! nuclear right there.

  2. One of my dreams is that when I one day own my own home, to take it off the grid completely.

    This is good news.

  3. Why take it off the grid? If you’re rich enough to have your own nuclear reactor powering your /entire house/, you can sell some of that energy back to the power company.

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