Techscream: Augmented Reality Gadgets

Fancy shades

Fancy shades

MIT researchers make ‘sixth sense’ gadget

US university researchers have created a portable “sixth sense” device powered by commercial products that can seamlessly channel Internet information into daily routines.

Augmented reality, the so-called “sixth sense” being spun by MIT’s PR spiel, is basically taking the internet and applying it to everything else. Consumer goods, cars, weather conditions – if you’ve got a surface (or, better yet, a pair of glasses), you can turn the entire world into an input-output device.

Walk by Thomas Keller’s French Laundry, and see its three brilliant Michelin stars floating above, with links to its reviews. Open a newspaper, and get a selection of related links. Glance at a gas station’s priceboard, and your AR gear warns you that there’s a cheaper station just a mile south of that location.

All these are the very, very least that ubiquitous computing devices can offer.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on February 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Techscream: Augmented Reality Gadgets”

  1. This looks like every augmented reality attempt thus far, but with a projector instead of glasses. Honestly, it looks hard to read and would be totally useless if two people looked at the same object, not to mention more battery power required. I notice the article makes no mention of how it actually determines what you’re looking at which is the biggest difficulty in such a device.

  2. Well, this also comes in line with the development of cheaper see-through LCDs, embedded contact lenses, and much, much better motion-tracking software. In the case of this device instead of reading eye movement, why not just track the user’s hands?

  3. Hand-tracking could be good or bad – it depends on whether the software can recognize people talking with their hands and when they’re actually looking to access extra information – waving to indicate something and triggering, say, intrusive pop-ups and noise commercials would be a bad thing.

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