Tunescream: Puncolle Voice Actresses’ Legendary Punk Song Collection

Album: Puncolle Voice Actresses’ Legendary Punk Song Collection

Genre: Punk Rock

Artist: Various

Score: ???? out of 5



It’s strange to start out an album review this way, but I simply don’t know how I feel about Pun-Colle. It’s… quite, frankly, horrible! The Engrish! The cute-ification of punk staples! It’s a sacrilegious attack on just about everything about punk! Surely, the graves of these artists must be spinning dangerously fast now, billowing a dust-cloud of decades old coke, heroin and pot residue, a hallucinogenic cloud of rage seeping out from graveyards around the world, and churning amongst the winds where a body exists not.

I should be feeling a little rage at this atrocity. So why can’t I stop listening to it?!

Just as there are b-movies, there are b-albums. I’d say that Pun-Colle vastly qualifies. There’s just something… endearing about a cute, childish voice singing The Exploited’s “Sex and Violence.” And despite the ear-achingly bad Engrish, I find myself nodding in rhythm to Kadowaki Mai’s interpretation of “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” against my better judgment. The term “so bad it’s good” gets thrown around a lot, but I think it’s fair to say that it applies quite adequately to this album.

It’s hard to take it seriously, after all. And it’s clear that taking it seriously was never the point. The album is a joke on every level of interpretation, an unrelenting parody from start to finish. Taking it seriously would be a mistake.

Heck, the only thing that can be said seriously is that they didn’t fuck around with the quality. Yes, it’s so saccharine as to be unhealthy, but the instrumental’s solid – sometimes reaching the point of honest tribute instead of parody. And when it does parodies the songs, it doesn’t go half-measures – springs and bells and happy-go-lucky sound effects in matching time to the original. A perfect complement to voices that’ve made their fame by being as cute as humanely possible.

You haven’t heard London’s Burning until you’ve heard Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu’s Mikuru sing it. And while I remember the Blitzkrieg Bop to be unusually chipper for a punk song telling you to shoot somebody in the back, I don’t recall it being quite this happy.

It’s… it’s cute…

You horrible fiends. You made punk moe. I’d shake my fist at you, but I seem to have caught a nosebleed…


~ by Gonzo Mehum on March 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tunescream: Puncolle Voice Actresses’ Legendary Punk Song Collection”

  1. A very good summary of my thoughts as well. I HAPPEN TO LIKE A BUNCH OF THE SONGS. RUBY SOHO IS GREAT.

  2. My thoughts exactly.
    Although… Smells Like Teen Spirit… I’ll never forgive you Mikuru :(

  3. This album is slightly awesome if for no other reason than it has Lacus Clyne singing Anarchy in the UK. The irony… it’s so beautiful ;_;

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