Review: K-On 01 – Better Late Than Never!

So! A quick rundown on Kyoto Animation’s latest renewal to their license to print yen – which, last I checked, was trading at something like 95 to 1 dollar, which bodes terribly ill for the US currency, but quite well for Japanese exporters.

But you aren’t here for an economic rant. This is the Geekscream post! You’re here for my impressions on K-On! And here it is:

It’s like Lucky Star, but with music instead of otaku jokes.

What, you want more? What more can you really say? It’s only been one episode, and I’m an analyst, not a picspammer. So far, there really isn’t anything to make K-On stand out much: it’s a slice of life work, much like Lucky star; it’s centered around four girls, much like Lucky Star; its emphasis is on low-key humor, much like how Lucky Star started off… well, no. It starts off better than Lucky Star, really. We get right into a progression of decent gags, and nowhere near the dreaded chocolate cornets of yore. The character interactions are active and silly, and the various montages throughout the first episode are timed very well indeed. So it’d be unfair to compare it to Lucky Star, which really didn’t hit its groove until around episode 4… by which much of its audience had already set their expectations against it, much to its detriment.

Sure, it eventually go a decent rep, but those chocolate cornets always loomed in the background. At least K-On’s starting reputation won’t have that little problem.

But, really, there isn’t anything to truly call in its favor. It’s a moe show, and we’ve been spoonfed moe shows for years now. It doesn’t really do anything new with the various archetypes it’s slapped together and called a cast, and the in-show music is… well, I’ve seen one blogger describe it as “elevator music,” and that’s actually pretty close. It’s light jazz – light jazz is dull and safe.

So why am I still sticking around for episode 2, and possibly 3 and 4, despite the fact that I’ve a huge backlog of stuff to watch, and a hell of a lot of other shows in the season to keep my eyes on?



Because of Mio-chaaaaaannn~

I can’t help it! Just try being a warm-blooded male and watch the ED and not come out of it with a slight crush for that bassist! So, yeah, dammit. KyoAni’s moe formula still works, at least for this one character. Honestly, the rest of the cast I can take or leave, but I’ll take Mio and run~

Little black dress, big sexy... bass

Little black dress, big sexy... bass


~ by Gonzo Mehum on April 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Review: K-On 01 – Better Late Than Never!”

  1. I’m sorry sir, but Mio is my wife. I’ll have to kindly ask you to unhand her.

  2. hah, I just watched the first episode after reading your blog.
    when they performed in front of YUI, it fit the elevator music description perfectly! Looking forward to the development of this anime~ Thanks for the recommendation!

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