Thoughtscream… NOT on hiatus, dammitall!

SO… having a bit of trouble adapting to this quarter’s schedule. Especially since I am now De Anza College’s La Voz Weekly Newspaper’s first-ever technology editor.

Thoughtscream WILL have its damn updates, come hell or high water. I just have to rework the schedule to something more suitable for my current situation.

And I still haven’t gotten my HTML/CSS books yet… kinda want to work on the damned server move already…


~ by Gonzo Mehum on April 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thoughtscream… NOT on hiatus, dammitall!”

  1. FOOLE! Thou shalt pick up Dreamweaver! For it is shiny and its interface is easy to use.

    Touch thee not Kompozer, for that way lies only MADNESS!

  2. Only in madness does one get full and total control! Besides, this is effectively job training. Being able to deal in HTML/CSS is a necessary skill in a journalist these days.

  3. >NOT on hiatus


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