Hiatus… again.

For anybody that still reads this (ahahaha), my sincerest apologies as to the sudden lack of updates. I still have Fanime pics (and one video) to upload, and the conclusion to the whole sordid affair concerning the student government, so there’s at least that much on deck for me to do.

Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks’ve also been enormously busy, given that it was the last two issues of the school newspaper of the year, and I still need to finalize my summer plans. Couple that with the fact that my college’s just getting into its finals week, anywhere from half a month to a whole month behind everybody else, and I’m sure you’d understand if I haven’t been in the most talkative of moods as of late.

But fear not (or stop celebrating and start fearing), I’m a blogger to the end, and this peculiar little project of mine isn’t anywhere near over yet. Though I still haven’t gotten my grips on the whole HTML/CSS implementation for the server move, I do have a summer coming up that might actually be of use towards that line, and a professional, paid freelance job to fund it in the meantime.

Oh yeah. Forgot to note that: I’m a pro now, technically, given that Demand Studios pays me fifteen a pop for basic research articles… crappy word-money ratio, but at least it means I’ve got a professional foundation to work off of now…

Let’s see how far I can push this.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on June 14, 2009.

One Response to “Hiatus… again.”

  1. Ah! So the Con Bug didn’t kill you. Good to see you’re alive :)

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