New Day in De Anza

Heh, interesting things developing. I’m considering taking up the tech editor position again, only to find out who the sole candidate for EIC so far is…

If things play out, I might be working for the same guy I fought against, politically, last quarter. That has some interesting potential there. It doesn’t look as if he holds anything against me, which is the good thing – instead, he actually brainstormed with me some plans for the expansion of the school paper.

There’s some interesting things afoot for the 2009-2010 school year. Amidst the budget crunch, is it really possible for a paper to not just expand, but literally double its operations? It’s promising enough that he’s planning to expand physical operations via the use of Skype – but can I truly succeed in impressing on him on the importance of electronic experimentation with news distribution?

Hell, there’s still the question on whether or not my impressions are correct, and he really doesn’t take my participation in the election drama personally. You never know – it doesn’t matter if it’s school politics or national politics, some people take deep offense at being opposed.

As for me, years of competitive debating’s done me in: I can’t really take something like politics personally. Passionately, yes, but as Cpt. Carrot said, personal isn’t the same as important. Maybe if more people recognized the simple wisdom in that statement, politics would be slightly less twisted.

Enough with the rambling. This blog ent ded yet. I’m writing up a critique on that most sacred of journalistic institutions, the Inverse Pyramid, and maybe a review of the M10 Magic: The Gathering core set after this weekend’s prerelease.

And THEN I’ll tackle the gorram server issue.



~ by Gonzo Mehum on July 7, 2009.

One Response to “New Day in De Anza”

  1. A new post, no way!
    Good to see you alive and kickin’.

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