WTHX: Experiment 1 – Why The Hell is Cheney Fighting the CIA Investigation?

This is the original WTHX, made after promptings by a number of friends regarding the chronically contextually ambiguous nature of mainstream press reports. It dates itself, I think – Cheney’s dramatastic emotional flare-up at the ongoing CIA investigations occupied the news for all of a week, maybe less, and hasn’t been heard of since.

Note to self: do a followup when possible.

The ongoing controversy between Dick Cheney, former vice president of the United States of America, and his criticism of the investigations of alleged misconduct by the Central Intelligence Agency, is centered around two primary claims.

The first is that the CIA have been involved in the use of coercive interrogation techniques banned by the Geneva Convention – or, more succinctly, that they have been torturing prisoners for information. This is most aptly demonstrated in the waterboarding controversy of years just prior, where the documented use of simulated drowning aroused protest regarding the mistreatment of prisoners under the CIA’s control.

The second claim, asserted by Cheney, is that the methods used by the CIA were, in fact, invaluable sources of information for the American intelligence community, and that those involved in the CIA’s practices against captured prisoners should not be punished for following given, and legally backed, orders. Backing his claim is the rumors, some given by Cheney, that an as-yet still classified Department of Justice report recommends the disbarment of a number of lawyers involved in the sanctioning of some forms of the CIA’s interrogation, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Why the hell is the Department of Justice investigating the CIA?

The allegations of prisoner abuse and the use of torture contravenes US law and international treaties. Federal Prosecutor John H. Durham, appointed by US Attorney General Eric Holder, seeks to inquire as to whether CIA officials and supervisors were aware and/or authorized the use of interrogation techniques not approved by the Justice Department, as reported by UPI.com

However, Cheney and Republican officials are claiming that the investigation is an overtly political act, and that prior scrutiny towards CIA activities were already sufficient, and that further investigations would be damaging to the CIA’s abilities. “I worry about the morale and effectiveness of the CIA. I worry about this thing getting out of control,” said Senator John McCain, an outspoken opponent to torture.

Why the hell is Cheney protesting the investigation?

According to Cheney, the investigation will “do great damage, long term, to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult decisions, without having to worry about what the next administration is going to say.”

However, Cheney is not without a personal stake in the outcome of the investigation. As noted by Harper’s Magazine, Cheney is known for his somewhat unusually in-depth involvement with the CIA, during his terms as vice president. Reports have shown Cheney’s direct responsibility and intervention in both the policy-setting of detainee treatment, and in the control of information relating to such activities.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “WTHX: Experiment 1 – Why The Hell is Cheney Fighting the CIA Investigation?”

  1. I’ve heard the theory that he is fighting them simply because of a combination of stubbornness, personal pride, and ideology. He may not even believe he’s done anything extralegal. He simply truly believes himself to be outside the realm of legal responsibility, and so these investigations are an insult to his personal views about the inviolability of the executive’s will to do more or less whatever it wants.

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