Hello? Is this thing on? Testing one… two…


It’s been a while since my last post.

If there’s anybody wondering where the hell I’ve been (and if you’re wondering, you’re clearly not following my twitter @gonzomehum), I’ll make a long story short: I was working on a net-based news startup, and things are kind of falling through. My cofounders are both finished with their degrees and are starting to look elsewhere to start their careers, and it’s not as if I can blame them when things for our ventures’ve kinda stalled out.

I wrote a long and angsty post about what happened, and subsequently deleted everything, but that’s really the gist of it, and it’s not exactly their fault. They have their own obligations to attend to, and unless we get word back from one of our potential investors by the end of this upcoming week, I’m tossing in the towel too. Let’s just say that I was right when I started all of this – I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew I had a good idea.

…I still believe that. But maybe I’m just not the guy to execute it.

So, yeah. I’m dusting off this blog and starting from square one again: writing whatever comes to mind. It probably won’t be the same in tone or substance as my prior posts – it probably might be exactly the same things and exactly the same voice. Depends on how badly battered I feel when I write it.

For now, since it’s still a thorn in my side, the topic  schedule will be as follows: Mondays and Wednesdays, I’ll be writing about my theories on a future model of journalism, and why the current one’s falling apart. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll cover my latest theoretical obsession: digital gaming production, and the means to combat piracy (hint: DRMs and lawsuits are symptomatic of the underlying problem, not solutions). On all days, I might fly into a hot rage about the latest sociopolitical affront. Or just kick back and geek out.

I’m battered, not beaten. Fuck anybody and anything that tries to convince me otherwise.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hello? Is this thing on? Testing one… two…”

  1. I added your blog to my live bookmarks. Please don’t make me regret my decision and have to remove it.

  2. Boy, I make absolutely no promises.

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