This is not a header

And this is not a post.

As the relatively few folks that know about or even read through my business plan knows, I actually have most of this squared away, at least to some extent, so it isn’t as if I don’t have a deep interest or sufficient knowledge to write about NH2’s subject – it’s really just that I’m really tired, I haven’t really slept all week, and the combination of the two’s upset my psychological equilibrium somewhat. It’s a bit hard to write a coherent narrative about a complicated subject when you can’t focus enough to even remember if you ate today or not.

So, yeah, gonna turn in early (-ier than usual for me) today and bump this week’s schedule down a week.

(edit: DAY. BUMP THE SCHEDULE DOWN A DAY. Wow, I’m really tired.)

Sorry, folks. I just really need the rest.


~ by Gonzo Mehum on May 13, 2010.

One Response to “This is not a header”

  1. Protip: I kept your feeds subscribed on my GReader for quite some time now (I didn’t know it was 5 months since your last post!), so it’s nice to see you back again after that long… hiatus.

    I understand since your last post that you had difficulties finding stable ground. Just rest it, pal. You need that break.

    And… I’m kinda piqued by your pieces on journalism (since my closed relatives are somewhat in the same line of field), I hope that you get some rest, get some fresh ideas and write down about it.

    Welcome back, captain.

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