Want to write for Thoughtscream?

Why the hell would you want to write for Thoughtscream?!

…wait, seriously?

Okay, okay. If you’re serious, then write up a proposal on what you want to write about, when you can write about it, and toss it at gonzo.mehum at gmail dot com.

I’m not picky – if I think it’s interesting, especially if it’s from a geek or otaku angle, I’ll consider it. I’ll consider it seriously if you can write up two sample articles on the subject and include them in the email. Preferred formats are DOC, ODT or just a Google Docs link.

Two things, though, to give you some forewarning:

I believe in the power of a good editor, even for a format as fairly rules and structure-free as blogging. Yes, that means I’ll be quality-checking your stuff. Yes, actually – I’d love it if you could do the same for mine.

I’m not too much of a stickler for deadlines, but if you didn’t warn me ahead of time and I didn’t get anything from you for two weeks straight, I’ll consider you MIA. Two weeks is a long time.

(No, obviously, this is not a paid position.)


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